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Epoxy Resin Screed Chemical Resistant Resin Coating High Build Resin Coating

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ECF POL Polymer additive for cement screeds

ECF POL is a water based emulsion developed for addition to thin section cementitious screeds used in levelling and smoothing heavy duty industrial floors, and as an underlayment for a wide range of flooring requirements.

The use of ECF POL in screeds and toppings improves the resistance to water and water vapour. When left as a wearing surface ECF POL toppings have a lower tendency to dusting than conventional cement screeds and toppings.

ECF Coat HB High-build solvent free epoxy resin coating

ECF COAT HB is a two-pack solvent free, high build epoxy resin system for application as a heavy duty floor coating at a typical thickness from 200 to 500 microns.

ECF Line High build fast curing epoxy resin line marking paint

ECF LINE is a fast curing two-pack, high build system for application of lines and hatching to floors at a thickness from 200 to 500 microns. The coloured high gloss finish is hard wearing and has good general chemical resistance.

ECF Patch Epoxy resin repair mortar

ECF PATCH  is an easy to use Epoxy Resin Mortar, with exceptional adhesive properties.  This makes it ideal for rapid repair of concrete surfaces in heavy duty environments.

ECF PATCH is non-dusting and highly resistant to damage by abrasion, chemicals, water or oil.

ECF Prime Epoxy resin primer and tack coat

ECF PRIME is a two-pack solvent-free epoxy resin bonding and priming coat, designed for easy application, with good surface wetting properties.

ECF PRIME is principally designed to bond thin section resin based screeds and toppings to cementitious and other surfaces.

ECF Screed 43 Heavy duty epoxy-resin floor screed

ECF SCREED 43 is a heavy duty, epoxy resin floor screed, with high chemical resistance and strong colour definition. Sealing is necessary where impervious finishes are required. ECF Screed 43 is normally laid from 4-6mm nominal thickness.

ECF Seal WB Water based epoxy resin floor coating

ECF SEAL water based floor coatings are coloured, two-pack, easy to apply resin systems with excellent adhesion to concrete, wood and other surfaces providing attractive, hard wearing dust-free finishes. Floors become easier to clean with an impervious finish and are substantially more resistant to damage by fork-lift trucks, chemicals, fuels and lubricants etc.

ECF Top High build chemically resistant epoxy resin floor coating

ECF TOP two-pack epoxy resin coatings are designed as seamless finishes where high build, hard wearing, chemical, abrasion and impact resistant floor surfaces are required.

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